Our team

Commitment and loyalty

Passion and loyalty

Wine is a cultural product, which combines the care for the grapevines, oenological art and science, the passion for quality and loyalty towards a terroir and the traditions of the vineyard.

The AVINCIS team reunites all these assets.


The owners of AVINCIS

The associates of the AVINCIS VINURI company are Valeriu Stoica, Cristiana Irinel Stoica, their daughter, Andreea Micu and Cristiana’s mother - Emilia Chirițescu. They all collaborate in order to develop the story of AVINCIS and in order to coordinate the team.


AVINCIS Oenological Team

Ghislain Moritz
The AVINCIS consultant oenologist is a graduate of the University of Dijon, who has gained his experience in winemaking at the Domain Devillard in Burgundy (France) and at Conceito da Veiga, in the Douro valley (Portugal). Ghislain was seduced by the temptation of adventure in a country that is culturally close to France, since it was already a recognized player on the «Wine Planet».


Federico Giotto
Founder of GIOTTO Consulting SRL Italia, together with Stefano Saderi – GIOTTO consultant, provide technical consulting in winery management, choice of wine production technologies, consulting in the vinification phase, lab analysis for the wines and training of the cellar's staff. GIOTTO team is also providing agronomical consulting in the management of vineyard activities: preparation of soil and vines, choice of machineries and technologies for the vineyard, management of the harvest process and training of the personnel in the vineyard.


Valeriu Stoica
AVINCIS associate, Valeriu founded the AVINCIS cultural, viticultural and oenological project together with his wife Cristiana I. Stoica. Passionate about wine for several decades, Valeriu coordinates the activity of the oenological team, being actively involved in both winery and vineyard activities.


Gheorghe Lixandru
The CEO of AVINCIS is an agronomist, with over 30 years of experience in viticulture. He is daring and passionate about his work and, with love and a lot of care for the grapevine, he faces nature’s challenges in every year of harvest.


Marius Lucian Gaidanof
The Technical Director of AVINCIS, Marius is a diplomatic engineer, graduate of the Faculty of Horticulture – specialized in horticulture, from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest. He coordinates the activities in the vineyard: preparation of the soil, choice of machineries and technologies for the vineyard, management of the harvest process and supervising of the personnel in the vineyard.


Ana Pricop
Ana, who is in charge of communication, has been with the AVINCIS team from the start. She ensures communication between the team members as well as communication with people from outside the company, and is indispensable for the efficiency of the viticultural, oenological and commercial activity.


The team is complemented by specialists in: viticulture, oenology, marketing, sales and wine tourism.