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AVINCIS offers unique experiences of wine tourism. On the Vila Dobrușa estate, situated in the famous Drăgășani vineyard, tourists can book their stay, which includes meals, wine tasting, a tour of the winery and walks through the vineyard.

AVINCIS is surrounded by historical and cultural objectives: the old Dobrusa church (UNESCO heritage), the Vineyard and Wine Museum in Dragasani, the monasteries from north Oltenia – Dintr-un lemn, Horezu, Arnota, Bistrița, Govora etc.), Culele de la Măldărești, the pottery workshops in Horezu – are only part of the beauties of the area.
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The long walks on the VILA DOBRUSA estate offer the opportunity to discover its beauties. The winery, the manor, the landscaping and architectural arrangement as well as the areas covered by vineyards are the main aesthetic landmarks of the domain.

The manor, built in a pure Neo – Brâncovenesc style, the private space of the family (the building is the home of the family and the pool is not open to the public), is harmoniously integrated in the architectural ensemble of the place. The visitors are welcomed to admire the outside of the manor, and the ones who want to find out more details about it and about the history of the family can look into an album with photographs and details regarding the restoration process of the manor, available inside the wine tasting room of the winery where the wine tastings and meals take place. Upstairs inside the wine tasting room there is also a place dedicated to the family photos, including the ones of the first owners of the estate, Maria and Iancu Râmniceanu, the great-grandfathers of the owners.

The playground near the manor is also a private area but all children are welcomed to discover it under the supervision of their parents or of an adult person.

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The visitors of the estate have several options for walks.

• The walk to “The Farm in the Vineyards” – the farm is located in the middle of the vineyards, only a 30-minute walk from the VILA DOBRUSA estate, on a road guarded by vineyards on both sides (from the exit of the estate, go on the first road to the left). Out of the desire to keep the authentic Romanian customs alive, we may organize here, upon request, local traditional meals for groups of at least 16 people, accompanied by AVINCIS wines, inside the specially arranged gazebo.

• Walk in the “Meadow of the Apostles” Park – the landscape arrangement of the VILA DOBRUSA estate – AVINCIS winery was accomplished, with great talent and tireless perseverance, by the architect Alexandru Beldiman who created the “Meadow of the Apostles” Park. The guests are welcomed to contemplate the original geometry of the park, the spectacle of the sky and the colours of the surrounding forest and vineyards in all seasons. The joy will be even greater for the ones who will not forget the picnic basket and of course the AVINCIS wines.

• You may choose to go on the paved road surrounding the winery (from the exit of the winery, go on the first road to the right) and you will have the surprise to meet field rabbits, foxes, badgers or deer.

• The walks to the ash tree (the route on the main alley of the estate until its end, then turn slightly left on the country road, not the paved one) will be accompanied by the song of the pheasants and by the flight of the coloured butterflies.

• For the ones choosing the walks in the vineyard, we recommend to get in touch with the AVINCIS team from the winery in order to be guided on the recommended roads. The works in the vineyard are a permanent activity and it may not always be possible to explore some of the areas cultivated with vines.

• You are also welcomed to discover the field tennis court (please bring your own equipment) and the mini football court or basket court or the ping pong table which can be installed at your request.

The AVINCIS team remains at your disposal for other suggestions of trips close to the domain (the old Dobrusa church, Lungești monastery, the wineries close by), and for other activities.

Enjoy the AVINCIS wines and the beauty of the Drăgășani vineyard!

STOICA family and AVINCIS team

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