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Dragasani viticultural tradition Romania


Drăgășani – viticultural tradition
Long before the Roman conquest, Dacia was already a viticultural realm, especially the area that is nowadays called Drăgășani, in Oltenia. The monastery of Dobrușa from its vicinity, built in the 15th century, had its own grapevines on the hill. The white wines from Drăgășani have enjoyed their time of glory at the end of the 19th century, and it has won medals at universal exhibitions in Paris, in 1867, 1889 and 1900, as well as the diploma of honor at the international wine competition in Bordeaux, in 1898.

Ramniceanu family, Dragasani Oltenia, Romania


AVINCIS is the continuation of a family story, with a passion for wines and a job well done, which started as early as 1927. Back then, Maria and Iancu Râmniceanu, appointed officer of the Romanian army by Ionel Brătianu, have bought in Drăgășani a manor in the pure Neo-Romanian style, inspired by the architecture of Brâncovenesc edifices, surrounded by vineyards.

Wine tourism Dragasani, Romania


In 2007, their great-granddaughter, Cristiana, together with her husband, Valeriu Stoica, returned to the family estate and had the revelation of the vineyard’s miracle, of the wines and the place’s traditions.

Vineyard, Dragasani wines, Romania


Nowadays, the Vila Dobrușa estate, which opened its gates to wine lovers in the summer of 2011, comprises the manor, the AVINCIS winery, 43 hectares of vineyards, several hectares of forestland and the landscaping arrangement.

AVINCIS is the symbol of rebirth for the Romanian wine, under the sign of tradition and modernity.