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Family tradition with a bouquet

The Vila Dobrușa estate is a project that has three dimensions.

First of all, at its basis is the desire to recover the family’s memory.

As a continuation of this family tradition, but also the much richer and older tradition of the Drăgășani vineyard, our project is centered on the viticultural and oenological dimension.

The ambition to showcase indigenous varieties in a dialogue with international varieties has a propitious support in the calcareous and clayey terroir of the Dobrușa hill. The AVINCIS wines combine the essences of this terroir and the light of sunrises, afternoons and sunsets.

The third dimension is given by the architectural and landscape vision that Alexandru Beldiman has put into practice. The subtle play of spatial shapes, the complementarity between the Neo-Brâncovenesc style of the manor and the aspect of the winery, the constantly surprising alternation between rock, wood, glass and metal, the consonance of the entire composition with the cosmic rhythms of the place, from sunset and sunrise until the evolution of the phases of the moon under the geometry of the fixed stars, all of these are the expression of the metaphysical dimension of the project and confer it a type of cultural potential which is capitalized at the present time and will be fulfilled even more in the future.

In its entirety, the Vila Dobrușa project is a space of freedom and communication. Whoever enters this space discovers another Romania, the one of the job well done, of beauty and of harmony.

Valeriu Stoica