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The 2011 harvest of Vila Dobrusa Vineyard allowed him to create our first blend of Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot in which he used the experience gained in the Dragasani vineyard in relation with these two wine varieties.

What is the significance of this name? First of all, it is a reference to the famous novel entitled „La Grandiflora” written by Gib Mihaescu in the interwar period. The dramatic plot takes place in Dragasani, around the summer garden called „Grandiflora”, a garden that really existed in this city between the World Wars.

Secondly, why was this garden called „Grandiflora”? This name is compounded by two Latin words: grandis (big) and flor (flower). The association of these two words was used by Linnaeus in 1759 in his botanical treaty, Systema Naturae, for a magnolia variety: Magnolia Grandiflora. There is also a variety of roses called Grandiflora.

Thirdly, at Vila Dobrusa Vineyard, the plots of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, from which we harvested the grapes to create this new AVINCIS wine, have rose bushes at the end of each vine row, including roses of the Grandiflora variety. No matter how seductive the literature and flowers are, Cuvée Grandiflora retains its charm. The color combines the intensity of the purple sunsets of the Dobrusa Hill and the depth of red ripe cherry, with hints of ebony.

This wine has a rich nose of black forest fruits and cherries wrapped in roasted aromas, with hints of vanilla, chocolate and spices. It is a very expressive, well structured and round wine in which the intensity of the tannins of the Cabernet Sauvignon is mellowed by the smooth texture of the Merlot, so that the Bordeaux wine making method is harmoniously completed by the oenological art from Bourgogne and by the Dragasani ancient experience of winemaking in relation with these two wine varieties.