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Avincis at the fifth edition of RO-Wine Cluj

It has become a tradition for Avincis to participate in RO-Wine, but this year at the event in Cluj, we discovered that the number of lovers of good wines has increased. At our stand we have been visited by more Avincis friends who, in the past years, were our guests at Vila Dobrușa or discovered our wines at fairs, at home or in restaurants.

For the visitors of RO-Wine Cluj, April 20-21, we brought for tasting Crâmpoșie Selecționată 2023, Cuvée Petit 2023, Cuvée Alexis 2023 (silver medalist at the Brussels World Competition this year), Negru de Drăgășani 2019 and Cuvée Valerius Alutus Primus 2020 ). Once again, the emblematic wines of our winery, Crâmpoșie Selecționata and Negru de Drăgașani, confirmed their position in the top of the preferences of Avincis friends. The recent Cuvée Valerius Alutus Primus, launched in the world premiere by the Avincis winery in the fall of 2023, continued to raise the interest of visitors, and also the admiration for the color intensity and the flavor`s uniqueness due to the bouquet of this traditional Romanian variety.

The Avincis team led by the winery's oenologist, Andrea Previtali, provided visitors with specific information related to viticulture and the varieties grown at Vila Dobrușa-Crama Avincis, production and the work to create the best quality wines from local varieties. At the same time, those present had the opportunity to learn details about the history of the domain recovered in the current stage of modernity when we offer our guests a unique experience in the area of wine tourism in Romania.

The story continues and the Avincis team is preparing to welcome the visitors to the May wine fairs organized in Bucharest.