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The American poet Tess Gallagher visited us at Vila Dobrușa - AVINCIS!

We were very honored and happy to receive the visit of our dear friend Tess Gallagher, who spent two days at our family estate Vila Dobrusa, Avincis, in June 2013.

Tess Gallagher is a famous American poet, essayist and short story writer (some of her most important works include: Stepping outside; I stop writing the poem; Portable kisses; My black horse; Dear Ghosts; Midnight Lantern: New and selected poems; The lover of horses; The man from Kinvara: Selected stories).

She was married with Raymond Carver (until his death in 1988) - a major writer of the late 20th century with a significant influence in the evolution of the American short story ( his most famous works include: Will you please be quite, please?; Four seasons; What we talk about when we talk about love; Cathedral; Elephant, Where I’m calling from; Short cuts: Selected stories- published to accompany Robert Altman film Short Cuts; Collected stories- complete short fiction including Beginners).

Tess also translated into English many poems written by Liliana Ursu, an internationally acclaimed Romanian poet, who is a very close member of our family.

During her stay at the Avincis estate, Tess offered us a very special gift, a poem written with the occasion of her visit, which was inspired by the beauty of the place. We are very thankful to Tess for this wonderful poem, called “It’s a challenge” (link to the original poem; link to the Romanian translation, written by Liliana Ursu) and we are pleased to share this gift with everybody who is both a poetry and a wine lover.