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OVERLAYS wine and photo

On September 29, 2022, the opening of the "Overlays" exhibition took place at 2/3 Gallery, an event accompanied by AVINCIS wines from Drăgășani vineyard, as part of a large project engaged - Wine and Culture.

"Overlays" starts from the premise of an experiment that has the double exposure technique at its core: a photographer is invited to "consume" a pre-set film, to send it on to another photographer, who will build compositionally over the exposed film with the latent images of the first. The artistic act proposed in the "Overlays" project represents a meditation on identifying a community where photography on film is still central as an approach or on how such different artists can collaborate to highlight the specific possibilities of the so-called light drawing. The artistic project was paired with two wines - VILA DOBRUȘA Negru de Drăgășani and VILA DOBRUȘA Rosé, which the visitors of the exhibition enjoyed in the excitement of the thoughts sparked by the photography shared at the threshold of the gallery in 4 Franceza St., in the Old Center, on a warm summer evening.