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International Wine Contest "Premiile de Excelente"

Dragasani, October 26-30, 2012

This year edition of the international wine competition Premiile de Excelenta took place in Dragasani. It was really the first time when an international wine contest ever has been organised in this well-known wine region of Romania. The Association of wine producers from Dragasani was selected by as their main partner in this important event.

The event, already becoming a tradition for the local wine actors-producers, distributors, journalists, wine judges etc. ,  is important for the Romanian wine business first of all because it represents in itself the recognition of the great potential which Romanian has in making wine.
There were present to judge the labels present at the contest  many important personalities worldwide recognised in the wine business- Angela Muir, MW (UK), Caroline Gilby, MW (UK, Christy Canterbury, MW (USA),  Jaime Araujo (France), David Cobbold (France), Yves Pacquier(Switzerland), Agnes Nemeth (Hungary), Mariusz Kapczyinski(Poland), Roberto Gatti(Italy), Luigi Salvo(Italy), Darrel Joseph(Austria), Yana Petkova, Marina Karakonova and Vili Galabova (Bulgaria), as well as Romanian experts in wine tasting from the official organization ADAR. Sommeliers from OSR assisted the wine judge during the process of wine analysis. The contest took place in the premises of Avincis winery, located on Vila Dobrusa estate.

The presence of the wine professionals to the contest gives to the wine producers of Romania, either big or small, the opportunity to learn more about what the good quality wine should represent and about how the price of the wine should be balanced with its various levels of quality. In itself, the contest is also aimed to support the Romanian wine makers in better understanding that they are all called to contribute to the Romanian wine becoming a real ambassador for Romania in the coming future.

Romania has already a great tradition in making high quality wines which unfortunately has been broken by the communism, following the unjustified expropriation of the individual owned vineyards. Dragasani was among the most famous wine region recognised in Europe since late 19th century. In the last 22 years, since Romania became a democratic country with a free market economy, an important part of the expropriated individual properties was given back to the initial owners and to their inheritors, allowing the Romanian vineyards to start a long process of rehabilitation to which we, wine producers from Dragasani are part of it. 

Dragasani wine region is certainly on the right way of producing one of the best wines in Romania and in Europe, combining in a harmonised manner the tradition with the modernity in the wine making process.

The vintners of Stirbey, Isarescu, Avincis , Iordache, Negrini, Spirleni, Via Sandu, all represented during the meetings with the participants to the contest in Dragasani by their owners, managers or oenologists,  were proud to show that they are the first who initiated the creation of a regional wine producers association in Dragasani, devoted to promote high standards of quality for the wines. Dragasani has proved that the region is rich in very good local either white or red wine grapes, such as Crimposie,  Feteasca Regala, Tamiioasa Romaneasca, Negru de Dragasani, Novac. It is important to know that apart from local wine varieties, the “terroir” of Dragasani is one of the best in Romania for making Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Muscat Ottonel, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

During the visits to the local wineries and to the various events organised during the contest, there were invited local authorities representatives who were showing their interest in supporting future similar initiatives taking place in Dragasani.

Dragasani, October 29, 2012


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