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AVINCIS wines presented and offered for testing by the wine journalist Darrel Joseph

The AVINCIS wines Negru de Dragasani and Cuvee Alexis, presented and offered for testing by the well known wine journalist from Austria, Darrel Joseph, during the lecture given at the IMC University of Apllied Sciences in Krems, Austria, were highly appreciated by all  present.

Below, few words of appreciation from Darrel himself regarding the two wines he presented:



"The complete harmony of freshness, vibrant acidity, delicious fruit and good overall body and structure was a pleasure to taste.   So, congratulations on the Cuvee Alexis.”

"I also liked the Negru .... which, so far, is quite young - but on its way very nicely !   A pleasure to taste now - but will likely be even better in a year from now!”



Thank you Darrel for your words of appreciation!